Monster Mash

Our zombie, Lea, has blogged some more about Baby Steps and her other current projects here.

I find myself playing the waiting game at the moment; Baby Steps is in the can, but we won’t be sitting down to edit it until the weekend. Of course, my natural response is Oh Sweet Jesus We’re Going To Miss The Deadline, but there’s plenty of time to cut it together yet. And on the plus side, it gives me a few days to punt out some festival applications for A Stitch in Time (oh, Stitch, how I’ve been neglecting you…).

More pressing is what to do with the piles of baby toys we used as props, now cluttering my bedroom. I’ve managed to find takers for all the magnetic letters and the rattle, but what to do with Giggling Baby Luke? Anyone in need of a dead-eyed plastic ghoul-child in possession of an electronic giggle that will Haunt Your Very Dreams?