Chopping and Changing

Well, with a magazine deadline week and two days of editing out of the way, I finally have some time to sit down and blog.

The first two days of the edit were… a little fraught. It turns out that Wilmot’s old Macbook, while fine for cutting SD video, really struggles with HD. And when I say “really”, I mean “20-hour rendering times”. A few tweaks brought the speed down to manageable levels, but it’s still running like a crippled snail swimming through treacle. At this rate, we wouldn’t make the deadline.
Fortunately, there was one time-saving measure we could resort to - instead of using specially-composed music, we could pull the music from our previous film. Luckily, it’s quite ambient and spooky, so should work well in a zombie film.
That saved us a couple of days, but another thing became increasingly clear over the course of those two days. The film, which can’t be more than two minutes long, is looking like it’ll run to three or four minutes. There’s plenty of fat we can trim, but it’ll feel a bit truncated to me.
The solution, we think, is to cut a two minute version for the Zone Horror competition, using repurposed music from A Stitch in Time - then we cut a longer version, properly graded, with original music, and send that around the festivals.
Either way, tomorrow’s crucial - a full day’s edit, sound mixing and music, which will basically determine whether we can make Zone Horror’s deadline. Wish us luck!