Baby Steps in Macabro Film Festival

As I mentioned a couple of weeks back, my zombie short film Baby Steps has been picked up for the Macabro Film Festival in Mexico City. Now, while it’s unlikely that many of this blog’s readers are based in Mexico City, I’d be remiss if I didn’t pop the screening times up. So here they are! It’s appearing in the “Psychopaths, Cannibals and Zombies” strand, at the following places and times:

Tuesday 21st August:
Cinematógrafo del Chopo at 12pm

Wednesday 22nd August:
Biblioteca Vasconcelos at 5pm

Thursday 23rd August:
C. C. Carranza at 6pm

Friday 24th August:
CCU en sala C. Monsivais at 4:30pm

For full details of the screenings, check the Macabro Film Festival official site.